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Simplicity Retirement Solutions

The objective of Simplicity Retirement Solutions is to provide clients with appropriate, personalised advice to help them achieve their objectives, but with the extra flexibility of not being tied to one particular superannuation fund or employer.

This means the advice can be properly tailored to individual client requirements, with the appropriate investments being used without concerns over bias to achieve the best outcomes possible.

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Simplicity Retirement Solutions is a young Company however its Principal, Patrick Crehan, has over 22 years experience as a Financial Planner. Patrick has spent his career working for State Super Financial Services, Stateplus, First State Super, and Aware Super, providing financial advice to members.

Simplicity Retirement Solutions

It is never too early to start investing for retirement

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Simplicity Retirement Solutions

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Retirement Advice

Saving for retirement in Australia is a paramount financial endeavor, given the self-funded nature of retirement and the importance of maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in one’s later years.

Investment Strategy And Advice

Regular reviews of retirement savings strategies are crucial to adapt to changing circumstances, such as career shifts or market fluctuations.

Superannuation Advice

Given the complexity of superannuation rules, regulations, and investment options, seeking professional advice is crucial for individuals to maximize their retirement benefits.

Retirement income advice

Retirement income advice in Australia is indispensable for individuals looking to secure a stable and sustainable financial future during their post-employment years.

benefits of

planning for retirement

Financial Security

Planning for retirement in Australia ensures a reliable source of income during post-employment years, reducing the risk of financial instability and dependency on others.

Superannuation Growth

Strategic retirement planning allows individuals to maximize contributions to their superannuation, taking advantage of employer contributions, tax incentives, and potential investment growth.

Tax Efficiency

Proper retirement planning enables individuals to structure their finances in a tax-efficient manner, optimizing contributions and withdrawals to minimize tax liabilities.

Government Support

Understanding and planning for government pension schemes, like the Age Pension, ensures retirees can access additional financial support, enhancing their overall retirement income.

Healthcare Coverage

Retirement planning allows individuals to consider health insurance and other healthcare provisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage during retirement, when healthcare needs often increase.

Lifestyle Choices

Planning ahead enables retirees to make informed decisions about their desired lifestyle, whether it involves travel, leisure activities, or supporting family, without compromising their financial well-being

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